Lovin Nibs


my first try with using a nib, normally I use fine liners, or brush pen at the moment but I like the line you can get with nibs. I know the eyes are out of position but I didn’t pencil the outline first just when straight into it.

And I need more practice. But wanted to show some of my test pieces.

Even if I am liking the nib pen style, out of all the styles, am sorry but I love brush pen, as it has a flow, movement to the character or back ground such as Craig Thompsons Blankets

just look at the movement with in his work I love so much and want to be able to create the same effect within my work. But with brush pen you don’t have to go for the flow can at go for a tidy and dark look such as Charles Burns Black Hole. But it depends what can of look your going for


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