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It’s over!?


It’s weird¬†saying the frist year is nearly over and done with ūüėģ

Since I been here I’ve realise how much I changed as a person and also my style. It’s like this is what my work was like

Here an early¬†drawing of Adrian from Night’s Tale. i¬†drew during the summer, yea the frist drawing i have got of him.

Then he changed again looking I think more older which i wanted .

And finally this is the recent drawing of Adrian. But my aim for the summer was to improve my style and do anatomy to get better at body positions. Also to practice more with Photoshop.

One last thing GOOD LUCK to everyone on Tuesday for assessment.

Lovin Nibs


my first try with using a nib, normally I use fine liners, or brush pen at the moment but I like the line you can get with nibs. I know the eyes are out of position but I didn’t pencil the outline first just when straight into it.

And I need more practice. But wanted to show some of my test pieces.

Even if I am liking the nib pen style, out of all the styles, am sorry but I love brush pen, as it has a flow, movement to the character or back ground such as Craig Thompsons Blankets

just look at the movement with in his work I love so much and want to be able to create the same effect within my work. But with brush pen you don’t have to go for the flow can at go for a tidy and dark look such as Charles Burns Black Hole. But it depends what can of look your going for

What is good and bad comic?


After having the last the Writing for Visual for Narrative with Dan today, the topic of what’s is a good and bad comic?

I think it’s a hard one to answer as everyone has different points of view on the subject, for example some people like some comics and other think it’s bad and uncreative. I think it’s ok to say what you think but not everyone going to agree on what you like as everyone has different taste. It’s the same in anything really such as films, books, video games, food, drink and even styles of someone work.

So to answer this question,¬† I think it’s¬†to hard to answer as some might agree other won’t, you can’t please everyone it’s impossible to do and that something everyone can agree on :D.

I think it boiled down to what you believe in,  but to explore other interest instead of judging it frist hand with out reading, watching, playing, tasting. That way you range of interest can grow and you can share to other what you have found, along the way.

So True…


While I doing another assignment the climate change I research on Calvin and Hobbes as Bill Watterson using a tiger in his story and while I drawing my tiger he reminded me of Hobbes. This one if one of my favourite strips as it’s soo¬†true we be given project but a lot¬†of us finish it at the last minute.

Wrexham Comic Con


Today there was a comic con at the sport hall. So I decided to go, I got myself Hellboy¬†and spiderman¬†comics as I like the Hellboy¬†and Spiderman series. I also brought hopeless savages as I like the style it’s cartoon, last time I went I brought a comic of hopeless savages and enjoy it so this time I got one of the books.

I also got PVP Player vs. Player as in one of the talk that Dan he show us one of Scott Kurtz work. I brought series one book as I like these type of comics as they remind me of VG Cats.

VG Cats


VG Cats is an online comic strip that a parody of anime and video games  but mainly video games. I love they comedy within the comics. they also have a online clothes store to buy the t-shirt with a bit of parody on the front (result ) :D.

this has also made me think to start-up my own online comic strip.  for online comics for the store.