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Creative Futures day 3


Out of the three days of doing the Creative Futures I would have to say today has been the best. As we had three people who are within the industry I want to be able to go into.

(art by Alex Willmore, colour by Lauren Sharpe)                     (group of Illustartions by Jonathan Edwards)

The first talk was A Career in Graphic Novels with Alex Willmore and Lauren Sharpe who are ex-students, who first did children illustration and now has change to more graphic novel area. I though the talk they both gave was great as they told to manage our time, try on as much work as possible, keep practicing, go to life drawing session and if we not working in digitally to used quality paper and pens.

The second talk was A Career in Illustration with Jonathan Edwards. Before he came to the talk the night before I checked up the work he did, and I remember seeing one his on a single cover but couldn’t remember who was the artist. while he was talking and showing some of his work I notice the image again and then it check into place 🙂 it was “Black Eyes Peas – My Humps” single

He was really inspiring to listen to from where he was to where he is now.  It just shows if you passion about something you can do it 😀


Creative Futures day 2


Today was the first series of talk and we had to choose carefully which ones to go to. For the first one I chose Doodlezine! Abi Whitehouse spoke to us, about advice on internet sales and book fairs. I thought it was great because it inspired me to go to book fairs and to go to France now, wasn’t 100% on going but I am now 🙂 Also I want to be able to built up a company that involves the public.

The second talk was Marketing Yourself – Get it right! with Denise Chilton. this talk was great as she basically told us how to act and start-up a business the right way 🙂

And the Thrid talk was Arts, Culture and Events with Gwenno Jones. This talk was mainly about teaching and working within the public, which I might think about in the future