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It’s over!?


It’s weird¬†saying the frist year is nearly over and done with ūüėģ

Since I been here I’ve realise how much I changed as a person and also my style. It’s like this is what my work was like

Here an early¬†drawing of Adrian from Night’s Tale. i¬†drew during the summer, yea the frist drawing i have got of him.

Then he changed again looking I think more older which i wanted .

And finally this is the recent drawing of Adrian. But my aim for the summer was to improve my style and do anatomy to get better at body positions. Also to practice more with Photoshop.

One last thing GOOD LUCK to everyone on Tuesday for assessment.


Photoshop Images of Night’s Tale – Adrian and Lily


I’ve learned¬†a bit of Photoshop at my college so I¬†decided to try to remember them skill. first I drew out an image of Adrian and Lily before i drew out the design I knew actually how I wanted the image. I did some research on puppet master to understand how they how they weight within the puppet and the control. after doing the research I drew of the image, I have also changed Adrian clothes in something a little more goth as it suits his character a lot more. so I did the right choice in getting rid of the leather jacket and jeans. you can see the process of each stage on Flickr, but here the final.

Early drawing of Adrian from Night’s Tale


First black and white image of Adrian just one of the characters from Night’s Tale, done during the summer 09. The second image i¬†changed his face to make look¬†a bit older that the frist image. the thrid image was challenging¬†for me as I never really draw¬†any of my character in that pose before.