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It’s over!?


It’s weird¬†saying the frist year is nearly over and done with ūüėģ

Since I been here I’ve realise how much I changed as a person and also my style. It’s like this is what my work was like

Here an early¬†drawing of Adrian from Night’s Tale. i¬†drew during the summer, yea the frist drawing i have got of him.

Then he changed again looking I think more older which i wanted .

And finally this is the recent drawing of Adrian. But my aim for the summer was to improve my style and do anatomy to get better at body positions. Also to practice more with Photoshop.

One last thing GOOD LUCK to everyone on Tuesday for assessment.

Before and After



I decided to cut the image in half and instead into Photoshop to see what it would look like in colour.

First I change the levels so that the black would be more bold against the colour, and I chose pale colour and I though bright you be too much.

I did three stage to show the process such as ink outline, then a bit of colour and the finished look, however I need to practice colouring the hair I think for next time

Lovin Nibs


my first try with using a nib, normally I use fine liners, or brush pen at the moment but I like the line you can get with nibs. I know the eyes are out of position but I didn’t pencil the outline first just when straight into it.

And I need more practice. But wanted to show some of my test pieces.

Even if I am liking the nib pen style, out of all the styles, am sorry but I love brush pen, as it has a flow, movement to the character or back ground such as Craig Thompsons Blankets

just look at the movement with in his work I love so much and want to be able to create the same effect within my work. But with brush pen you don’t have to go for the flow can at go for a tidy and dark look such as Charles Burns Black Hole. But it depends what can of look your going for

The finally finished – toys assement :)


This was just one of the fail images that was wrong for the brief¬†so after a lot¬†of research and trying to work out what I¬†wanted to bring across, what was my message I¬†finally got it in the end ūüėÄ it took a long time but I got there in the end. Below is a line drawing I scan in first

There is the fished one, I chose the words “TAKE A PHOTO IT WILL LAST LONGER!” as my climate change subject i chose was rainforest and how it’s slow disappear due to climate change. And a photo will last longer, so in a way it’s both funny and the truth at the end of the day as if we don’t act now it will be gone ūüė¶ and we really do need the rainforest.

Linkin Park


While I was finishing my climate change final piece, it got my thinking of Linkin Park video What I’ve done. This one of my favourite video and songs by Linkin Park as the video has been put together in a way of thinking what is happening right now to the world hint the song title what I’ve done.

The video shows the band and also shows clips of war, what happened in the past, death, birth and climate change. I really like this as the lyrics and video work well together and shocking as this is happening.

Old school Comedy Films – Childhood


Am a big huge fan on old school comedy films, such as naked gun, Hot shots, Police Academy, Sister Act, The Mask,  Miss Doubtfire, Scary Movie and so on.

Some people don’t find these types of comedy funny as their class as stupid comedy. But I love them so much there a childhood memories for me and I still now find them funny. These are the reason why I not only want to create thriller, but comedy graphic novels to.