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The Role of the designer – final idea


I decided to go with the evolution idea as it show the different roles and that here a sneak peak of the final characters, I know I need to practice and that


Role of the designer – final thoughs


After rethinking the final idea i decided that it should link with both blog and of the three topics, Sustainability, Boundaries and Borders and Ethical Issues.

I worked out that am heading toward Ethical Issues way. I also made about 7 ideas and narrow it down to about 3 ideas. Then did mind map to see which would work and that left me with 2 ideas.

It’s even going to be Idea 1 the evolution idea or Idea 3 the flowing poster

Idea 1 – set as a timeline of the different roles within Graphic Novels

Idea 3 – listening to the audience, as their important part of the designer or who are you designing for?

what is a designer – I think a designer is two thing a created and a listener, we listen what out there and what could be the next big thing. Then we create it, no matter big or small.

also am still a bit pulled in which idea to go with for the final

What is the Role of the designer? (within graphic novel)


This is only my point of view what I think is a designer within my area. Well in my area we are what I would like to be more know as, as a creator not a designer. As we created these characters, city’s, home and their lifestyle, their appearance and so on.

But sometime it might go all wrong even that it’s wasn’t the right job for them, their aperture doesn’t match the personality. Even their personality can change without you knowing it. The story can get boring with the same old stuff, kinda like “la la la everything great nothing bad happens here” so in order to keep your audience interested, we have to spice the story up like what a film does, it built up to the most dramatic sence . Another thing is that some time an audience can like one of your character for reason, it can be simple as the character reminds them of them, or they like the way the character using their body language with other characters, or even just by the way they look.

so I see a designer in my area as a creator, we give birth to life with the touch of our finger tips sweet.