What is good and bad comic?


After having the last the Writing for Visual for Narrative with Dan today, the topic of what’s is a good and bad comic?

I think it’s a hard one to answer as everyone has different points of view on the subject, for example some people like some comics and other think it’s bad and uncreative. I think it’s ok to say what you think but not everyone going to agree on what you like as everyone has different taste. It’s the same in anything really such as films, books, video games, food, drink and even styles of someone work.

So to answer this question,  I think it’s to hard to answer as some might agree other won’t, you can’t please everyone it’s impossible to do and that something everyone can agree on :D.

I think it boiled down to what you believe in,  but to explore other interest instead of judging it frist hand with out reading, watching, playing, tasting. That way you range of interest can grow and you can share to other what you have found, along the way.


Old school Comedy Films – Childhood


Am a big huge fan on old school comedy films, such as naked gun, Hot shots, Police Academy, Sister Act, The Mask,  Miss Doubtfire, Scary Movie and so on.

Some people don’t find these types of comedy funny as their class as stupid comedy. But I love them so much there a childhood memories for me and I still now find them funny. These are the reason why I not only want to create thriller, but comedy graphic novels to.

The Role of the designer – final idea


I decided to go with the evolution idea as it show the different roles and that here a sneak peak of the final characters, I know I need to practice and that

So True…


While I doing another assignment the climate change I research on Calvin and Hobbes as Bill Watterson using a tiger in his story and while I drawing my tiger he reminded me of Hobbes. This one if one of my favourite strips as it’s soo true we be given project but a lot of us finish it at the last minute.

Role of the designer – final thoughs


After rethinking the final idea i decided that it should link with both blog and of the three topics, Sustainability, Boundaries and Borders and Ethical Issues.

I worked out that am heading toward Ethical Issues way. I also made about 7 ideas and narrow it down to about 3 ideas. Then did mind map to see which would work and that left me with 2 ideas.

It’s even going to be Idea 1 the evolution idea or Idea 3 the flowing poster

Idea 1 – set as a timeline of the different roles within Graphic Novels

Idea 3 – listening to the audience, as their important part of the designer or who are you designing for?

what is a designer – I think a designer is two thing a created and a listener, we listen what out there and what could be the next big thing. Then we create it, no matter big or small.

also am still a bit pulled in which idea to go with for the final

do logo works?


Above are a few on the many logo’s we see everywhere around us everyday. Some logos work other don’t and some just use the name of the product as their logo such as Coca-cola and Subway. Other use the first little of the name such as Superman.

But I think is important if you going to use a logo it needs to be read-able and eye-catching. Same with a slogan like McDonald’s I’m lovin it, need to be quick, clear and catchie.